Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breakfasts and Snacks

Yummo! This is one of my favs! 2 eggland's best eggs cooked like you were making an omlette. I added fresh cracked black pepper and a wedge of laughing cow cheese (garlic and herb flavor) and fold over. On top is about 2 TB of salsa. Nice filling 5 pt meal!!

WW bagel, WW cream cheese, and 3 slices of Hillshire Farm Ultra Thin sliced deli meat. Another yummy one, at 3.5 pts!!

Sweet Gala apples and WW light string cheese ( I love this stuff). I snacked on this after my workout the other day.

Now for my little "oops"....I stepped off the side of my driveway and turned over my ankle. It really hurt, but I immediately put on an ankle brace to keep down the swelling. I think it's OK now and I plan to get back to the treadmill tomorrow after work!!

All for now! Check back later in the week for a GREAT chili recipe!!!

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