Saturday, March 28, 2009

How Much Do You Love YOUR Splenda?!?!

OK, so I go out to eat at Applebee's for lunch today. I take out my handy Splenda case, and put some into my unsweet tea. When I went to put the case back into my purse I dropped it......IN THE CRACK BETWEEN THE BENCH SEAT AND THE WALL!!! OMG how will I get it out??? The space is WAY too small for my arm to fit, so I start looking for things to stick down between the wall and the seat to try and push the case out under the table. I didn't have anything long enough to reach. Nothing but the long spoon for my tea. Finally I see the dessert/drink menu on the table. I took that and stuck it down....YES!!! I was able to get the case out with my Splenda safely inside. Cool, now I can have another glass of tea, LOL.

P.S. On another note....why is it that you have two or three pair of jeans, same brand, style, cut and size, and not all of them fit...WHAT?!?!? I had this bit of drama today too, lol.


Heather said...

OMG! Now I finally have a purpose for that business card holder I bought for no apparent reason a while back. The little zipper pocket (sewn into the lining of my purse) is always filled with splenda packets. lol

Connie B said...

Heather, that's where mine were too, along with some of the splenda that poured out as a couple of the little packs were ripped somehow. I got tired of a white cloud on everything in my purse so I bought this little gem and I love it!!