Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Healthy Choice Entree!

OK, Healthy Choice has picked some winners in my book!! I am SO hooked on the pot stickers, like the pumpkin ravioli, and now....Portabella Marsala Pasta! I love this one too! My microwave at work cooks a little hot, so my noodles were a little tough, but it's no fault of HC! I will definately buy this one again! This entree comes in at 5 WW pts, if you are a "counter" LOL.

Today I worked out with Jillian again. It felt really good to get back into the groove of things after not working out last week. If you are doing the shred....Lord knows, don't skip a week like I did! I went back to level 1 (since I missed some days) and I'm convinced the woman added 20 additional minutes to my workout today, LOL! I was huffin' and puffin' like I'd never done the Shred before! Anyways....I survived, and feel much better now that I am back on track. Maybe I can get the scale to move this week!


Heather said...

I bought it, but haven't tried it yet. So far, I've tried the potstickers & the pumpkin ravioli. Both were delish in my book. I love anything with pumpkin, so I was delighted to see a frozen meal featuring my favorite squash. :)

Keep up the great work with Jillian! I've been walking my ass off. Not seeing a difference on the scale, but I'm starting to see muscles in my back (of all places). I always wanted a skinny I'll take it! lol

MoraPiggy said...

You so have me wanting to try these. I go grocery shopping in a few days, I'm going to pick a few up.

Connie B said...

Thanks Heather! I read the other listed activities that count towards the award and Jillian counts. Weight/strength workouts, and cardio too! Yeah!