Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brixx Pizza!!!

OMG ya'll!! I freaked out when I saw how many points this pizza was!! I had the BBQ chicken pizza. It's on a SUPER thin crust, very little sauce, a few pieces of chicken, two cheeses (there's the fat) and tomatoes. The entire 10 inch pizza was 28 pts!!!!! That's more than my entire day points! Wow! Won't do that again, unless I only eat 1/2 the pie at a time!!

Anywho, I gained .5 this week. I can't seem to shake these 3-4 lbs. I gain them and then lose them only to gain them back again. UGH! No giving up though! Hoping to get to work out tonite, depends on time. After work, going to tan, then to get Miranda Lambert's new CD that comes out today, whoo hoo!!

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d.fine09 said...

Missing you connie! Where are you? Come back!