Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catch up...again!

Hi guys! I didn't blog yesterday, so I'm gonna catch you up on my eats and exercise! Two days ago I started a walk/run 5k challenge. It's an 8 week long challenge, and I am definitely gonna have to push myself through it. Tonight was supposed to be day 3, and tomorrow a rest day, but I've decided to switch them. I am beat today b/c I didn't sleep well last night. I'll pick back up on "day 3" tomorrow night after work.

Ok, Wednesday eats...

Breakfast: Special K red berries, skim milk

Lunch: chick-fil-a chargrilled sandwich, honey roasted bbq sauce

Dinner: SO yummy! A 4oz steak, broccoli slaw, and green giant cauliflower w/cheese. I really love the green giant veggies for 1. Very good thing for me since DH doesn't do many veggies.

Snack: Kashi granola bar, and a protein shake after my workout. Lord knows I needed it!

Now for today's eats...

Breakfast: cantaloupe, two mini spinach quiches, and skim milk (YUM, very filling)

Lunch: Had to run some errands on my lunch hour today, so I grabbed another Chick-fil-a Chargrilled sammie since I was nearby.

Dinner: leftovers of creamy salsa chicken (previously posted recipe), served with brown rice.


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