Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Full belly and feeling lazy!!

Hi everybody!! Today was a looooong day @ work! My poor husband was up this morning sick @ 1:30am, and I woke up b/c I was worried about him. Then when he got settled back in bed and fell asleep, I still couldn't b/c my mind was racing. Couldn't turn off the 'ole brain. done, and OFF for the next two days, yay!

No pics today, as my foods are repeats of the last few days, and I totally forgot to take a pic of the finished product in the crockpot before dinner, *boo*

Breakfast: 2 mini spinach quiches, 2% lowfat milk
Snack: Kashi granola bar
Lunch: McDonald's Southwest Chicken salad
Snack: McDonald's Fruit and Walnut salad
Dinner: Slow Cooker Lasagna, two slices of wheat bread, buttered, & garlic powder

Can I just say I was a little skeptical about lasagna coming out of a crockpot, but this stuff rocks!! DH loved it too! The recipe is is the post below....JUST IN CASE any of my peeps want to try it out!!

Workout: BL Last Chance workout, day 3

Getting ready to watch the Duke BB game with DH, so gotta go! Ta for now!

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