Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weigh In...

OK..weighing in! Not good, not good at all. A couple things working against me...first all by myself I fell off the wagon, but you already knew that. Secondly, I've been home with my hubby who had knee replacement, and eating everything known to man. He's LOST 13 lbs, and I've gained 3.3lbs. YUCK! Good news is that I'm back to exercising again. Last night I did a kettle bell workout. No kicked my butt and was only the intro DVD!! Check it out!!

I haven't gotten into the swing of things with pics yet, but here's the breakdown of my eats for yesterday:

Breakfast: WW Smart Ones English Muffin Sandwich, Diet Mt. Dew, Apple slices, and WW light string cheese

Lunch: Honey roast Turkey (Hillshire Farm Ultra Thin) and cheese (Laughing Cow)with spinach on a wheat Arnold Sandwich thin. Sour cream and onion Pop Chips on the side.
Dessert: Healthy Choice Fudge ice cream bar

Snack: 1 Nature Valley granola bar

Dinner: Cheeseburger on wheat bun w/dijonaise, broccoli pasta salad on the side.

After workout: Special K chocolate bar cereal, skim milk

As you can see, my stomach was a bottomless pit yesterday. Today so far, it's under control, hee hee.


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