Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy Friday!! was really busy and has flown by!! I intended to go to the grocery store after training yesterday, but didn't so I had to go first thing this morning. After coming home, I hit the ground running. I made a tropical turkey meatloaf, jalapeno and cilantro flavored cod cakes, and wanted to make some raisin bran muffins, but ran out of time. In fact, about 10 minutes before 3pm I realized I had quite the headache. I was so busy I forgot to stop for lunch!! Dinner with DH, Mom, Stepdad, and now catching up on editing some pictures for facebook. Sorry no pics of eats today, but here's the break down...

Breakfast: omlette (2 eggs, with one wedge of laughing cow cheese) topped with salsa

Lunch: OOPS I forgot b/c so busy

Snacks: WW sweet and salty bar, vitatop, fruit cup

Dinner: salad from salad bar, chicken kabob, baked sweet potato, and one piece of texas toast

Working night shift this weekend, Sat, Sun, and Mon, so I probably won't be back to chat with you all until Tuesday of next week. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and staying OP!! Toodles!


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