Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello from SC!!!

I'm still in SC visiting with my Aunt but wanted to check in with everyone! We managed to get the elliptical in the truck, and strapped in thanks to the neighbor!! Yay, a practically brand new elliptical for me! This will be such a blessing in my weight loss journey! Thanks Aunt Carolyn!!! I've eaten at a couple new places and managed to remember to take photos. I'll post all that later when I return home!

Saturday morning was my weigh in. Down .6 lbs for the week. Not wonderful, but still a LOSS!! I will kick my exercising into gear next week so that should make a difference, and hopefully I won't have any more days that I feel I can eat the back end of a horse all day!!! Well, until later peeps! Back to my visit and watching the race!!


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