Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weigh In and Blog Award!!!

Good Morning All,

Today was weigh in....

Down 1.0 lb! I can't lie...I was really hoping for 1.2 lbs this week so that I could get another 5 lb sticker. I know, sounds lame, but after getting a few stars so far, it's really a visual helper to keep me on track. Oh well, it will come next week!!

Yeah!!! A blog award, thanks to

So...I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself....

1) Family is very important to me (this is one reason why I'm looking for another job to get away from shift work)

2) I'm in sorority. Beta Sigma Phi, which is a non-collegiate women's organization, and I've met many great friends and given back to my community by doing several raffles and donations through sorority. (in case you are interested)

3) I work 12 hr rotating shifts, day and night. I love the job (dispatcher for my local sheriff's office) but I hate the hours and am currently looking for another job, M-F.

4) I love movies, and movie trivia!! Some call me a "movie hound", lol

5) I love to read, but don't really have a lot of time to read. I've now discovered Kindle on my phone. Great thing to have, since my cell phone goes everywhere with me!

6) I'm addicted to TV!!! I have TWO DVR's. Yes...two.

7) I LOVE to cook!!! Trying new recipes and cooking old favs!! I wish I had time to cook more often! I love sharing my finds with you guys too!! Happy EATS!!

Some of my sorority sisters and myself out for Fiesta For The Cure @ On The Border. 10% off all proceeds for the day went to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Chicken Salsa Fresco, with black beans, and grilled veggies. I must admit, I had some of the chips and salsa to start.

I had a wonderful lunch yesterday. Chicken breast with panko, rosemary, and orange zest, with a baked sweet potato!! I even made a sauce with some orange marmalade and fresh orange juice!! Yummy and very filling!

Well, that's all for now! I'm going to meet a sorority sister now for another volunteer event. NRGRR....golden retriever rescue!!


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