Friday, November 26, 2010

Surviving Turkey Day!!!

Hello All,

Yesterday was an awesome day!! I started out my Thanksgiving day by doing a 5K walk in Cary; Inside Out Sports Turkey Trot. I finished in 52:15!! I'd always heard that doing activity in the cold weather really constricts your lungs....well THEY WERE RIGHT!! Man, that first mile was TOUGH! I was literally HUFFING and PUFFING while looking all around me to see if anyone could hear the noises I was making, lol. I expected to be able to share my tshirt and road ID number with you in a pic, BUT they ran out of my size shirt and have to mail it to me. I will take a pic of both together later.

*Disclaimer* I totally forgot to take pics yesterday, sorry!!!

Breakfast: Starbucks light caramel frapp, and spinach feta wrap

TURKEY DAY meal: Turkey, baked beans, butter beans, cornbread dressing, corn on the cob, glazed carrots, veggie soup, and for dessert [a WW recipe] lemon cheesecake. Water to drink. One plate, no seconds, and small portions of everything but turkey.
I had a wonderful time with my family and am so grateful that I was off work this year and able to enjoy!


I set a goal for myself this year. I will NOT gain weight during the holidays this year! Well, I DID far at least!! I am down 2.4 lbs this week, AND am 4 lbs away from making 10%!!! I'm very proud :-)

I'm working night shift this weekend, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so I will blog when I can, but it may be just playing catch up on Tuesday! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!



Mae Flowers said...

Not gaining weight during the holidays is a great goal. I know that you can do it!!

Sarah said...

Great job on not gaining and getting in the 5k!!!