Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weigh In and Trip to Fayetteville!!

Down another 3 lbs. this week!! Yahoo!! My meeting was a great one this morning. Master your Metabolism. Physical exercise is the ONLY way to kick up the metabolism, so I guess I better get busy doing some of those weight bearing exercises!!!

Today I traveled to Fayetteville. Every year my sorority sisters and I have a day trip for a one day luncheon/convention. Attendance was VERY low but our chapter managed to make about 200 bucks on our Snowman basket!!! I arrived late, so didn't buy any raffle tix, but some of the loot was really nice stuff!!! I did have my eye on a Christmas quilt (hand made). are my eats from the Fayetteville luncheon.

Small salad, not too much going on here...

Chicken w/fettucine, green beans w/ham in them, dinner roll (didn't eat one) This dish was WAY too much food. I stopped after eating half.

Cheesecake....always save room for dessert!!!

I'm a water horder...


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