Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday WI

Hi All,

Worked night shift last night, but had my Saturday pretty much planned out....or THOUGHT I did. Came home this morning hoping to catch the new Tae Bo PT 24/7 infomercial. Started Friday night (into Sat morning). I had my DVR rolling all morning hoping to catch it, b/c the new DVD set it still in test market stage, so the infomercial is only being shown on limited channels. NO LUCK. So I set my phone alarm clock to get up after 4 hrs to make sure I make my WW meeting and weigh in. NO LUCK. Never heard the alarm go off, so I overslept!! I looked online to see if I could make another meeting somewhere else. Found one in Cary (neighboring city about 30 mins from home), and was able to just weigh in and skip the meeting as I was already running WAY behind.

Down 2.2 lbs!!!! Yay!!!

Guess it was worth the ride, b/c I also got my 25 lb disc for my keyring!!!

After all this, I came back home, changed clothes, put on my "face" and contacts to get pretty for my sorority chapter Christmas party! Good times, but I am really tired!! Now back home to chill and do some laundry!!

Oh, and I wanted to share a pic of myself with Santa...A.K.A. hubby!!! Doesn't he make a wonderful Santa!!



Kelly said...

Congratulations on the great weigh in! You should be so proud of that keychain. You've earned it. Way to go.:)

Mae Flowers said...

Way to go on the WI!