Monday, March 30, 2009

TJ's dinner

I had another yummy supper. I LOVE to shop at Trader Joe's, so a lot of these ingredients were purchased there.
Teriyaki chicken breast, italian giardiniera (pickeled veggies), and broccoli slaw with fruit. Here's what I added to the broccoli slaw.....chopped apples, dried fruit mix, pecans, and Newman's Own light sesame ginger dressing.
It was just something I threw together, but I love it and will make it again soon! By the way....the teriyaki chicken breast is easy to prepare, and only 3 pts!!!! You can't get much better than that, LOL.


Kelly said...

Teriyaki chicken? Now you're talking my language. :)
And "I" was the one who made a mistake on the blog award list. I messed up. But I'm glad. Get to spread more love. :) You totally deserve it and I love your blog. Really.

Connie B said...

Thanks so much Kelly!! Yes, the teriyaki chicken breasts come from Trader Joe's. Not sure if you have one locally, but they are in the frozen food case. All you do to prepare is wrap in tin foil and bake for about 15-25 mins! So easy!