Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Great day to move!

Today I started working out again after several months of being a pure slug! Although I didn't do very much, it was a start! A little over a mile on the treadmill. Good workout! OK on to today's foods.

Special K....again!! I've been a little lazy with breakfast lately!

Bagel sandwich...turkey and cheese. Pirates Booty for my "side".

Dinner was leftovers of the Creamy Salsa Chicken served over brown rice. Wow, I really didn't do well with fruit and veggies today. All carbed out!!

One of my favs...Kashi bar after my workout. Yum!

I'm staying up a little late tonight as to prepare for night shift Thursday and Friday night. I'm still a little hungry (b/c I only ate friggin' carbs all day long) so I think I will go pour myself some Almond milk w/Splenda. Nite all!!

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