Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catch up...again!

Hey ya'll!! I've gotten derailed a little this week *boo* As I mentioned in a previous post, Saturday night was my sorority Valentine's Ball. I didn't eat really well there, but didn't over do it. Then comes Sunday...Superbowl party, yikes!! I was REALLY hungry when DH and I arrived, so I pretty much pigged out!! Two slices of pizza, two potato skins, and some fried jalapenos, followed by a piece of cake!! I wouldn't be too upset at myself over this, b/c I had several days to work it off, but then life happened. Monday I got my nails "did", and had to wait for the paint on my little toes to dry before I could workout, forgetting that I had a sorority meeting Monday night, so needless to say, no workout Monday either. Tuesday morning I start getting a BAD headache. I didn't take anything b/c I had an appointment to give blood today, so I can't take anything with aspirin in it. Well, by 8pm last night I thought I was dying, and had to take the Execedrin. The GOOD news is that I am headache free today and WILL get to workout!! I can't remember when I ate what (no journaling) the last few days, but here are some I can remember....

Breakfast: FINALLY tried Kelly's green smoothie, YUM! Along with a multigrain vitatop!!

Lunch: leftover Thai Turkey Burger on a WW english muffin.

Another lunch: 1/2 steak leftover from dinner, and green giant for one, cauliflower with cheese.

Snack: Goldfish (stolen from DH)

Dinner: Pork Ball, Noodle, and Watercress Soup (SOOO GOOD)

Snack: two plums, nice and juicy!!



Kelly said...

I can't believe you finally tried the smoothie! LOL It's not bad and a GREAT way to get those fruits/veggie servings in. :)

Connie B said...

haha, girl each time I went to make it, I thought I had everything, and kept forgetting to order to coconut syrup. So now I have TWO huge bottles, and I can happily make the green smoothie more and more!!