Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday...Snowbound Monday

Hi All,

Still snowbound here! Guess I have to return to the "real world" tomorrow night for night shift *boo*

Breakfast: Special K blueberry with skim milk
Snacks: Kashi granola bar, fresh pineapple, pretzel thins
Lunch: again, just snacked, not hungry, and was playing Wii so I was distracted. (I know, bad, bad, me)

Dinner was yummy! Chicken cutlets breaded with McCormick seasoning(I added fresh rosemary), brown wild rice, and veggies.

....right out of the pan!

McCormick seasoning. Really yummy. It has parm cheese and panko breadcrumbs in the mix. Makes for crunchy and brown cutlets!!

The dinner plate. The rice is Uncle Ben's ready rice, 1/2 cup, and the veggies were Green Giant veggies for one. I DO NOT care for this medley and will not buy them again. I confess, I didn't even eat them! I also made a quick orange glaze with orange marmalade to top the chicken cutlets! SO GOOD!

Workout: another day on the 5k challenge.
After workout snack: Kashi bar, string cheese, and canteloupe

Now I'm going to rub down my muscles and watch some more 24!!



Kyle and Darci said...

mmmm, your dinner looks SO good!!!

Kelly said...

I'll have to look for those seasoning blends. Sounds like something I would love.

My hubby is a HUGE 24 fan. :)