Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Loot and Weigh In....

Hey everybody!! Wow, where did the week go?! Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days, but frankly you haven't missed much. I worked night shift a couple nights, and ate leftovers of food I had made earlier in the week.

I got my "winning loot" from Progresso Soup, yay!! Thanks to both Progresso and Marisa for the contest!!

Now on to another snack I am IN LOVE with! It's all natrual. A little high in fat (b/c it's made with nuts) but has fiber and protein. The sad part, there are TWO servings per bag, and it's next to impossible to quit eating them. UGH!!

Weigh In....I'm down 1.7lbs this week, yay!! I know I shouldn't study the scale as much as I do, but it was REALLY good to see some movement in the right direction this morning!

Tonight I am being honored as Valentine's Queen for my sorority chapter. We have a Valentine's Ball (dinner really) tonight, so I'm not sure what's on tap food wise. Have a great day all, and chat with you soon!!


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