Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More La Vida Loca...

I keep saying I'm sorry, but my life has been a little crazy for about 3 mos now! For those that don't know, my hubby had total knee replacement surgery and was out of work for 8-9 wks. My grandma, who will be 90 in September has had surgery and hospitalized twice. I have also applied for a new job and am waiting nervously on the call. I am hoping to get that news next week and get back to taking care of ME! I have gained some weight and feel like crap but it's hard to concentrate on me until things are settled. those who I owe videos and/or prizes....they are coming. Really they are! Hope you are all doing well and I hope to be back blogging really soon!

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Kyle and Darci said...

hope things slow down for ya soon and everything is ok! miss your posts. :)