Sunday, September 26, 2010

Playing catch up....

Hello All,

I worked night shift Thursday and Friday night. Saturday DH and I went to the DUKE football game. I had a ball even though it was SO hot (got burned...AGAIN) and Duke's football team is not the best team out there, haha. Today was church with my Grandma, and then I helped out a friend who was doing some volunteer work for NRGRR (golden retriever rescue) at an event called "Woofstock". Great time with friends, both human and doggies! Enough of all are some of the eats for the last few days.

Wendy's 1/2 size salad and chili. This one is the Apple Pecan Chicken salad.

Morning Star Farms Veggie Lasagna (this is really good)

Today's Eats...

Starbucks grande caramel frapp light

Starbucks Spinach egg white wrap

McDonald's Southwest Chicken Salad (my fav!!)

MS Farms Veggie burger on a sandwich thin, zuchinni "fries", and light ranch veggie dip


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