Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Grapes and soup disaster....

Hi All,

Do you like grapes??? Have you ever frozen them?? Wow, I had forgotten how much I love this snack! It's especially nice in the summer time to cool you down.

Frozen grapes...YUM!

At least I was happy with the grapes, but the new soup recipe that I made...NOT SO MUCH. Roasted Garlic Potato soup. Sounds great, right?!?! When I find a new recipe that I want to try, I usually make the recipe "as is" and if I like it enough to make again...that's when I may make changes to the recipe. Well, I followed the directions (even though the whole roasting garlic process was a joke..should have done what I normally do)and made the soup. What a pain in my behind, the process of making this soup, only to find the taste just wasn't that good, and I will end up throwing it away. GRRRRRR. So now, I've wasted about 2 hrs or so in the kitchen, wasted food, and ending up having cereal for dinner. Oh well, live and learn.

This is THE soup...

Bfast: Kashi crisp cereal w/ craisins (which also turned out to be dinner after the soup disaster)

Lunch: It's that TOM, so I wasn't very hungry but knew I needed to eat...SOMETHING. So...a WW muffin

followed by a honeycrisp apple

Today I had a job interview. I think all went well, but I'm waiting to exhale. I should hear something back from them after Thanksgiving. I pray this one works out b/c I've since found out that all the other jobs I've applied for have been filled. Say an extra prayer for me, will ya?!?! I'm on night shift, so will catch up with you all in a couple days! Ta Ta for now!!



Kelly said...

Sorry the soup turned out nasty. Don't you just hate to waste all of that time on something only for it to turn out nasty? :(

Hope you get that job. If you need a recommendation I can vouch for you being a nice person.

Connie B said...

Awww, thanks Kelly!! You are sweet :-)

Mae Flowers said...

I hate that when you put so much effort into cooking something and it doesn't turn out well at all- so frustrating and a waste of money, too!

Good luck on the job hunt!