Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday WI

Well, poo!!! My first gain since starting WW again in September. Only .6 of a lb so not bad. I can't lie...I knew I would gain this week. I didn't track and I didn't eat as much as I should have. Oh well, this upcoming week will be the test. I start a new job on Monday, regular daytime hours, so I will eat and exercise more regularly and more consistently. I can't wait to see the results on the scale. I did get some more WW bling at my meeting! Stay and succeed! 16 wks!!

Well, have a great weekend everyone!


Kelly said...

Nice bling!! .6 isn't too terrible, ya know? You can get that off this week with ease.

I like the new background ont he blog. Nice. Have a good weekend.

Mae Flowers said...

.6 will be off in no time! Great job on the new bling and sticking it out the 16 weeks!