Friday, September 17, 2010

Race Weekend!!

DH and I are at the drag races in Charlotte!! Always a fun time, but it's really freaking hot here right now!!!! I've had a pretty good week so far with food, but it's really hard to try and plan for venues such as this. I brought some snacks with me, but will still have to eat at the track for lunch. Good thing is, I got some exercise and drank LOTS of water!! I'm gonna catch you up on the eats for the week, but I was forgetful about taking pics.

Tuesday eats:
I worked night shift on Tuesday so my menus will be reversed somewhat...

pop secret kettle corn, 100 cal pack

Chick-fil-a grilled sandwich
Honey Roasted BBQ sauce
side salad
FF honey mustard dressing
diet coke

cheese, 100 cal pack
skim milk
double chocolate vitatop

Wednesday eats:
(after midnite, still on night shift until 5:30am)
WW mini cheeseburger
pop chips
Healthy Choice fudge bar
Diet Coke

Kashi GoLean Crisp 3/4 cup
Fiber One 1/4 cup
Skim milk

Subway Melt, no cheese

Moo Shu Beef lettuce wraps (recipe to follow when I get back home)
Pop Secret Kettle Corn, 100 cal pack

Thursday eats:

Kashi GoLean Crisp 3/4 cup
Fiber One 1/4 cup
Skim milk

Subway melt, no cheese
Diet Coke

Pack of cheese/peanut butter crackers

Lean Cuisine 3 cheese chicken (microwave meal)
Animal Crackers

Cheese, 100 cal pack
Pop Secret kettle corn, 100 cal pack

Now to today's eats:

scrambled eggs (2)
bacon (3 strips)
1/2 biscuit
skim milk


Cheese nips, 100 cal pack
Animal crackers

Salad, from salad bar
1/2 biscuit
Diet coke

Sorry again for the lack of pics. I will get better...just takes time to get back into the groove!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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