Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Grocery Store find!!

Hey all,
I know I've been AWOL for some time now, but I am still plugging away and trying to lose this weight! I was excited and wanted to share my new find. I love meatloaf and my hubby does too, but if I make it with anything other than beef he won't touch it, so I end up throwing half of it away b/c I can't eat it all before it goes bad. Jennie-O now has a heat and serve turkey meatloaf! It's small, only 3 servings, but that is perfect for me! Hope you all are doing well. Be back on Saturday with a new breakfast pizza recipe!

1 comment:

MizFit said...

welcome back. and I LOVE ME SOME Jennie-O everything.
Have never seen that one though...